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Chris Hemsworth Shares First Look at the New ‘Men in Black’ With Tessa Thompson

By | September 21, 2018

Chris Hemsworth Shares First Look at the New ‘Men in Black’ With Tessa Thompson
Greg Doherty / Patrick McMullan / Getty

Following their fantastic work together in Thor: Ragnarok, Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson have reunited again for Men in Black 4. Hemsworth shared the first look at the new Men in Black film on his social media accounts, posting a photo from the set and a video featuring both Hemsworth and Thompson.

Thompson was cast in the film in March to star alongside Hemsworth, who showed off his comedic chops in Ghostbusters and Ragnarok. The new film is expected to take the MIB organization on a more global scale compared to the earlier films.

Here’s a look at Hemsworth and Thompson on the set:

F. Gary Gray is directing the film after working on Straight Outta Compton and The Fate of the Furious, while Liam Neeson and Kumail Nanjiani are also in the cast, although it has not been confirmed who they’ll be playing.

Emma Thompson is also in the new film, returning to the franchise as Agent O after appearing in Men in Black 3. While Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are not expected to return, the film isn’t going to completely ignore the world that was built over the first three movies.

Men in Black 4 is set for a May 17, 2019 release.


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The Army Finally Made Edible Pizza With This New MRE

By | September 21, 2018

The Army's new combat-ready pizza
LauriPatterson / Getty

You can’t have a fresh Neapolitan pizza delivered to a war zone (unless Seamless got on that) but now, thanks to more than 20 years worth of military-grade food engineering, active-duty soldiers can dig into a quality slice next time they’re taking a break from letting freedom ring.

Introduced in the 1980s, Meals, Ready to Eat (or MREs for short) are high-calorie meals that soldiers can employ at any time, no cooking required. The main appeal? They’re designed to last for 36 months, even in harsh conditions. But just like you’d expect from meals that come in a plastic pouch—they just weren’t that good. Oldies-but-goodies include ham and chicken loaf, beef frankfurters, and a cheese and veggie omelet that was so bad it was dubbed the “Vomlet” by soldiers. (Yeah, they discontinued that in 2009).

In fact, MREs were so detested by military leaders during the Gulf War that they were cited as an actual morale problem. This prompted Gen. Colin Powell, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the time, to call upon the Combat Feeding Directorate. Powell held up one of the rations and issued a simple, but very stern, command: “I have two words for you. Fix it!” 

Soon after, the Army distributed a survey that found that “pizza and beer” were the most requested items. The Army’s team of food scientists got to work.

If you’re wondering why it’s taken 27 years to release a simple slice of pizza, it’s because creating edible and long-lasting MREs is a logistical nightmare. The primary challenge was correctly balancing the levels of PH and moisture in the bread, sauce, and cheese so that it wouldn’t become too dry or soggy. Also, oxygen hiding in the holes of the crust turned the cheese and sauce rancid. This was fixed by adding a small number of iron fillings to the sealed pouch, which bound the oxygen.

Lo and behold: MRE No. 23 was born. The full meal includes blueberry cobbler, a chocolate protein drink, an oatmeal cookie, Italian breadsticks with jalapeno cheese spread, and pepperoni- and cheese-laden pizza. The real question, though, is how does it taste?  “On our scale, it got a seven,” says Army senior food technologist, Michelle Richardson. “Nine is the highest.”

Need more convincing? The New York Times recruited Jeff Pond, who is the chef at Area Four, a top-rated artisanal pizzeria in Boston, to give it a try. His response: “You know, they’re not far off. It’s familiar. It reminds me of the frozen pizzas I had as a kid.” After another bite, Pond proclaimed, “I actually like this.” Mission success.

If you’re interested in a more thorough walkthrough of MRE No. 23, check out this video review from YouTube’s resident MRE expert, Steve1989MREInfo:

[h/t The New York Times, The Seattle Times]


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Top 10 Natural Anabolics for 2018

By | September 20, 2018

Top 10 Natural Anabolics for 2018
Photo provided by Strong Supplements via Getty Images

The Top 10 Natural Anabolics for 2018 see continued innovation and growth as more compounds are identified and introduced to the market. Natural Anabolics have surged to the forefront of the industry due to impressive customer results and the continuous formula improvements we’ve seen from the botanical-based science behind them. Many rival the results of more hardcore bulking agents.

1- Anafuse by Vital Labs

For the 3rd consecutive year in a row, Anafuse claims the #1 spot with a formula so potent that it has also made the Top 10 Bulking Supplements for multiple years running but unlike many on that list, Anafuse produces its results without influence on your hormones and virtually no side effects. Anafuse utilizes a fusion of potent natural anabolics with the addition of absorption enhancers to produce muscle building effects that have lead it to become one of the most re-ordered supplements of all-time.

2 – Vector by Black Lion Research – Trending

Vector just recently hit the market and has been trending hard as it capitalizes on the discovery of not just 1, but 3 brand new natural anabolic ingredients. While powerful on their own these 3 new ingredients help to regulate gene expression related muscle hypertrophy to promote lean muscle growth, increases in strength, endurance, protein synthesis, and muscle recovery.

3 – Major Gains by Assault Labs – Trending

As the newest natural anabolic to hit the market of this year’s Top 10, Major Gains has been garnering head turning feedback with customers reporting concrete muscle and strength gains, some even reporting this while cutting. The rise in popularity comes as no surprise as the formula is packed with trademarked, proven, and university studied ingredients. Assault Labs even recently upgraded the formula – doubling the dosage of the key muscle building ingredient. Even though Anafuse has a sizeable lead, we expect Major Gains and Vector to start gaining ground on the king.

4 – Massacr3 by Olympus Labs

Massacr3 has caught many by surprise in 2018 as it utilizes Laxogenin, an ingredient well known with customers but upgrades the delivery system stacks it with a new muscle builder that outperformed testosterone is studies, UroBolin. Some users have touted the product’s effects and feel as being on par with hormonal muscle builders. Feedback has overall been very good and some users are reporting that the effects are kicking in much faster with Massacr3, where as most other natural anabolics require a bit more time to build up their strength in the body.

5 – Epi 2.0 by Vital Labs

Epi 2.0 hits the Top 10 for the 3rd year in a row with its innovative approach to muscle growth which is Myostatin Inhibition. It is specifically able to do this by reducing the growth factor protein that limits your muscle growth with its key ingredient Epicatechin. Additionally, Epi 2.0 utilizes a blend of ingredients that helps to triple the effectiveness of Epicatechin helping users to increase their muscle mass, endurance, recovery, and fat loss. Users have referred to it as the first true Myostatin Inhibitor on the market.

6 – Follidrone 2.0 by Black Lion Research

The original Follidrone brought Epicatechin to the market but not too long after superior formulas hit the scene. Black Lion Research has answered that challenge with a fully upgraded Follidrone with the addition of 5 new innovative ingredients and the feedback shows that they made the right decision. Users have been raving about its ability to help them add mass when bulking and body fat loss when cutting. A great reformulation to one of the best natural anabolics to ever hit the market.  

7 – Nano Genin by Assault Nano Series

Nano Genin combines the non hormonal anabolic agent Laxogenin which has been shown to increase protein synthesis by 200% with a technology used by the pharmaceutical industry known as “Nano Absorb Technology” which helps to increase the effectiveness of Laxogenin by up to 600%. The combination of the two has users reporting increases in fat loss, lean muscle mass, endurance, and strength.

8 – Hydra Head Six by Antaeus Labs

Hydra Head Six tackles every fitness enthusiast’s biggest fear, losing muscle mass. Nearly everyone tends to lose muscle when they lose fat but customers have been reporting that with the addition of Hydra Head Six to their cut, not only are they locking in their muscle gains but they are saying they are feeling as strong as ever, something you don’t commonly hear when cutting back on the calories.

9 – Ep1logue by Olympus Labs

Epi1logue might just be the bodybuilder’s dream, as its key ingredient UroBolin helps build lean muscle while preventing muscle breakdown. That same ingredient outperformed both Testosterone and Insulin in studies while using significantly lower dosages than the two. User’s have been reporting increased muscle definition, increased muscle pumps, improved muscular endurance and they keep coming back for more, as many users are picking up additional bottles to extend their cycles out to 8 to 12 weeks.

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Big nutrition research scandal sees 6 more retractions, purging popular diet tips

By | September 20, 2018
Article intro image

Enlarge / Broken plate with knife and fork on white background. (credit: Getty | PM Images)

Brian Wansink, the Cornell nutrition researcher who was world-renowned for his massively popular, commonsense-style dieting studies before ultimately goingdown in flames in a beefy statistics scandal, has now retired—with a considerably slimmer publication record.

JAMA’s editorial board retracted six studies co-authored by Wansink from its network of prestigious publications on Wednesday, September 19. The latest retractions bring Wansink’s total retraction count to 13, according to a database compiled by watchdog publication Retraction Watch. Fifteen of Wansink’s other studies have also been formally corrected.

Amid this latest course in the scandal, Buzzfeed reported today that Wansink has retired from his position at Cornell, effective at the end of the current academic year. The announcement comes a day before Cornell planned to release its findings from an internal investigation into his work.

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Perform Past 40: Tips to Relieve Lower Back Pain

By | September 20, 2018

Perform Past 40


You have chronic lower-back pain that inhibits you from performing big moves like deadlifts and bench presses.


Research shows exercise is more beneficial for alleviating lower-back pain (LBP) than rest, so merely taking off a couple of weeks from the gym may not help much. But neither will gritting your teeth and training through the pain.

According to Carwyn Sharp Ph.D., C.S.C.S., chief science officer of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, your first step should be to see a medical professional who has experience. “While most people have LBP of unknown cause or origin, others may have a structural or trauma-induced issue with their vertebrae, nerves associated with the spine, or the spinal cord itself. This is not the time to man up—a serious back injury can hurt you for the rest of your life.”

Once you’re cleared to train, Sharp recommends integrating exercises to increase your gluteal, lower-back, and abdominal strength (e.g., plank progressions, glute-ham raises, Supermans, etc.) into your program, as well as incorporating trunk, hip-flexor, and hip-extensor mobility moves.


Don’t sit too much. “Sitting for long periods of time may contribute to or exacerbate your back pain,” Sharp says. “So get up and move throughout the day. Go get some water and walk the stairs for five minutes every half-hour.” 





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The Treadmill Grip-Strength Challenge

By | September 20, 2018

Do You Have What It Takes for the Treadmill Grip Challenge?
Edgar Artiga


This simple treadmill stroll tests your grip strength and mental fortitude. You’ll walk on a treadmill, at an easy pace, holding two 45-pound plates, dumbbells, or kettlebells for as long as you can.


Stand on the belt of the treadmill holding two kettlebells. Have a gym buddy start the treadmill for you and be
there to stop it when
 you fatigue. As a bonus: Having a partner present will help keep you safe and push you harder.



You’ll gain serious gripping power as you fight to hang on to the weights. Also, fighting the urge to give in and push yourself will make you just straight-up tougher.


The best time to perform this challenge is at the end of any workout. Due to its taxing nature, you may want to give yourself two days of rest before you try it again.


You’re going to feel like you can go for miles at the start— but that will quickly fade. To fight poor posture—which will occur as you tire—squeeze your shoulder blades together and puff out your chest.


If your gym allows it, chalk up your hands to give yourself an edge in the grip department. 




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The Best Move to Alleviate Chest and Shoulder Pain

By | September 20, 2018

Chest and Shoulder Pain Affecting Your Workouts? Here's How to Fix It
Per Bernal


Lifting weights, and moving around in general, can create imbalance in your body. You might notice some aches and pains in particular in the anterior deltoids and the chest. Hey, it happens. But at least you can do something about it.


“Muscles like the scalenes, pec minor and major, anterior deltoid, and upper traps are in a nearly constant activated state,” says Cristian Plascencia, senior durability coach at Onnit Academy in Austin, TX. That translates to pain in the front of the shoulders and the chest muscles.



Poor posture and bad workout habits will take a toll over time, leading to a rounding of the upper back and shoulders, Plascencia says. A constant ache isn’t far behind. And because the average lifter pushes and presses more than he pulls and rows, that only feeds into the dysfunction.


Regularly perform moves
like the Rafiki elbows, above. Also: “You should become more aware of how you spend the majority of your day rather than just the time you spend in the gym,” Plascencia says. But when in the gym, “you should try to pull two times more than you push.” 

How To Do It

Rafiki Elbows

1. Stand with your elbows at your sides, with your forearms up and your palms facing forward like you’re grabbing a bar at chin height.

2. Rotate your thumbs so they point behind you. Then lower your arms out to the sides to lock out your elbows.

3. Return to the starting position and repeat


To combat a hunched posture, do two pulling moves for every one push exercise.



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The Workout to Fine-Tune Your Chest in Four Weeks

By | September 20, 2018
Fine-Tune Your Chest in Four Weeks

Westend61 / Getty

In this four-week program, you’ll blister and bruise your pecs with several familiar moves. However, we want you to slow down and take critical note of your training form. Making small adjustments will mean big changes in your progress. Within certain exercises, we’ve zeroed in on particular elements common to training mistakes—flaws that need the most minor of tweaks but could mean the most major of muscular improvements.

Follow the program, paying close attention to workout volume and intensity so you fail at the rep ranges given. In Week 1, this training plan is geared toward your overall chest development. Then, in Weeks 2, 3 and 4, we focus on the middle, lower and upper pecs, respectively. Even though each week focuses on a particular region of the chest, the program still includes exercises that target all areas.


Finally, we’ve provided an intensity menu from which you’ll choose certain techniques to take your training to the next level. Follow the instructions carefully, and use one of the intensity-boosters listed only on your last set and when you see this symbol *. However, you should wait to use the techniques until after you’ve mastered the fine-tuning points laid out in this program. Intensity tactics such as these work best when coupled with stellar form and impeccable technique. Choose just one per workout.

Intensity Techniques

Drop Sets

After completing your reps in a heavy set, quickly strip an equal amount of weight from each side of the bar or select lighter dumbbells. Continue repping until you fail, then strip off more weight to complete even more reps.


Forced Reps

Have a training partner assist you with reps at the end of a set to help you work past the point of momentary muscular failure. Your training partner should help lift the bar with only the force necessary for you to keep moving and get past the sticking point.

Partial Reps

Do reps over only a partial range of motion—at the top, in the middle or at the bottom—of a movement.


Take brief rest periods during a set of a given exercise to squeeze out more reps. Use a weight you can lift for 2-3 reps, rest up to 20 seconds, then try for another 2-3 reps. Rest again briefly, then try for as many reps as you can handle, and repeat once more.


Resist the downward motion of a very heavy weight. For example, on the bench press, use a weight that’s 15%-25% heavier than you can typically handle, and fight the negative as you slowly lower the bar to your chest. Have your partner assist with the positive portion of the rep.



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The Vegetarian Burger to Kill Your Cravings

By | September 19, 2018
The Vegetarian Burger to Kill Your Cravings

Brian Klutch

Years ago, California native Ian Bryant, who’s now chef at the Ranch in Malibu, would crave a burger after an eight-hour surf sesh. But to get healthier, Bryant transitioned to veganism. To kill cravings and recover from a day on the water, he now grills up this veggie burger, which features a meaty portabella mushroom and packs less than 400 calories. Take one bite, and we seriously doubt you’ll be asking “Where’s the beef?”

Want to go meat-free more often? Try taking nonmeat foods you already like (such as rice and beans) and mixing in veggies to make them more satiating.

Mix coconut aminos, paprika, thyme, maple syrup, cumin, salt, and pepper. Submerge mushroom cap in mixture. Marinate overnight.
Heat grill. (Bryant prefers charcoal for better taste and heat distribution.)
Grill mushroom, cap-side up, for 10 to 15 minutes. Flip; add cheese and grill for about 3 minutes more, or until cheese is melted and mushroom is charred and tender.
Assemble burger on bun with desired toppings.

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Porn Star Breaks Twerking World Record

By | September 19, 2018

Juelz Ventura Twerk World Record
Bryan Steffy/WireImage

While Shawn Rhoden was making history by tying the record for the oldest bodybuilder to take the top prize at the Mr. Olympia, Juelz Ventura was making a different kind of fitness history in Las Vegas. The 31-year-old porn star broke the Guinness World Record for “Longest Twerk Session,” crushing the old record of 2 hours, 1 minute with a jaw-dropping 2-hour, 30-minute nonstop twerk session. 


Ventura kicked off her record-breaking session at the stroke of midnight on September 16 at the Crazy Horse III gentlemen’s club to celebrate National Twerking Day (of course that’s a thing). The club hired two neutral witnesses and two timekeepers to record the event. Helpers were on hand to feed her water through a straw because it’s important to stay hydrated during any marathon (including a twerking marathon). 

Watch the video of her feat.

A rep for the Crazy Horse asked her how confident she felt about breaking the record before her attempt and she responded, “I can twerk forever, the current title is like taking an easy two hour hike.” Clearly, she put her booty where her mouth is on Sunday.

After breaking the record, she wrote on Instagram, “U know I love to shake my booty! But now I gotta take a little break, she sore.”


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