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33 Hot Country Songs All About Stone-Cold Revenge

By | May 18, 2018

If you think country music is all about love and pickup trucks, then it’s time to take a walk on the dark side of a genre where houses with abusive husbands are routinely blown up and you don’t want to imagine what’s lurking at the bottom of the river. From women who have had more than enough from their lying, cheating spouses to a boy named Sue hellbent on finding his scoundrel of a father, these are some of the best country songs about revenge. Some of these anthems are funny – like Travis Tritt offering his ex a quarter when she comes crawling back to him – but many of them will send a chill down your spine.

Just remember: dusty country roads hold plenty of secrets, and before you go seeking revenge, you might want to channel Tritt instead of Carrie Underwood, no matter how jaw-dropping her anthems about making men pay are. Revenge often comes with consequences, but it also produces unforgettable songs.

  1. “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’,” Nancy Sinatra
  2. “Two Black Cadillacs,” Carrie Underwood
  3. “Goodbye Earl,” Dixie Chicks
  4. “Cowgirl’s Revenge,” Megan Hilty
  5. “Tornado,” Little Big Town
  6. “Oh Henry,” The Civil Wars
  7. “The Thunder Rolls,” Brooks Jefferson
  8. “Independence Day,” Martina McBride
  9. “Before He Cheats,” Carrie Underwood
  10. “Better Dig Two,” The Band Perry
  11. “Old Time Angels,” Jim Lauderdale
  12. “Harper Valley P.T.A.,” Jeannie C. Riley
  13. “Pray For You,” Jaron and the Long Road to Love
  14. “Trailer For Rent,” Pistol Annies
  15. “Here’s a Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares),” Travis Tritt
  16. “Decoration Day,” Drive-By-Truckers
  17. “Gunpowder and Lead,” Liz Davis
  18. “Looking Back Now,” Maggie Rose
  19. “Someone Will Pay,” Justin Townes Earl
  20. “Mama’s Broken Heart,” Miranda Lambert
  21. “My Big Iron Skillet,” Wanda Jackson
  22. “A Boy Named Sue,” Johnny Cash
  23. “Kerosene,” Miranda Lambert
  24. “Picture to Burn,” Taylor Swift
  25. “Sweet Revenge,” Nashville Cast
  26. “Yvette,” Jason Isbell
  27. “Marie Laveau,” The Delta Bombers
  28. “Blown Away,” Carrie Underwood
  29. “Fire,” Delta Rae
  30. “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia,” Reba McEntire
  31. “In State,” Kathleen Edwards
  32. “Fist City,” Loretta Lynn
  33. “Carolina Drama,” The Raconteurs

Just remember: if you want to listen to the playlist, you’ll need to download the free Spotify software or app!

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Sorry, Haters – These Are the Best Dramas on Netflix Right Now

By | May 16, 2018

If comedies are TV’s comfort food, then great dramas are the televisual equivalent of a fine dining experience. There’s nothing quite like getting invested in a show that serves up depth, twists, and all of the emotions a person can possibly handle experiencing in a single hour. Thankfully, Netflix has some of the greatest dramatic TV shows of all time available on the streaming site.

From modern classics to original series and must-see throwbacks, Netflix’s drama category is stacked. Of course, this also means choosing a show to become way too emotionally invested in isn’t easy. Don’t let the sheer number of choices available keep you from diving into a new-to-you hour-long show that will feed your mind while also keeping you up late into the night watching episodes.

Read on to discover the 22 dramatic TV shows on Netflix that you need in your life.

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34 2010s Movies on Netflix That You Need to Watch (or Rewatch)

By | May 9, 2018

Netflix is a virtual treasure trove of movies from every decade, but by far, the streaming site seems to host more 2010s movies than films from any other decade. That makes sense, because Netflix has changed the way people watch movies and TV in a major way over the course of these past eight years. The upside to this is that there are a ton of new-release options, but the downside is . . . well, the same thing. There are so many movies from the 2010s on the site that it can be super overwhelming if all you really want to do is find that one football movie starring Justin Timberlake and Amy Adams.

This list is designed to cut through the clutter and reveal the 2010s films on Netflix that you actually want to watch. (And yes, that includes the elusive Timberlake movie you haven’t thought about in at least three years.)

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Why the Girl Sitting With Bryce in the 13 Reasons Why Trailer Is So Important

By | May 3, 2018

The 13 Reasons Why season two trailer has arrived, and the Polaroid-filled teaser is full of clues about what’s ahead for the returning characters. However, there’s one new character included in the trailer as well, and she could play a major role in the drama at Liberty High.

Bryce is shown sitting by a young woman during his portion of the trailer. She appears to be happy – she looks relaxed, and he’s pouring a drink – but then a Polaroid picture passes over her image and we see her slumped over asleep while Bryce grins. It’s an eerie shot and a powerful way to introduce the character of Chloe to the world of 13 Reasons Why.

Chloe is one of several new characters being added to the main cast in season two, and she’s played by Anne Winters. The trailer certainly makes it seem like she’s going to play a major role in the story moving forward. The image of her either asleep or possibly drugged beside Bryce recalls the horrors that Hannah and Jessica go through in season one. While it’s currently unclear if she’s going to be Bryce’s next victim, series creator Brian Yorkey told The Hollywood Reporter that the new season will focus on sexual assault – both the scary reality of repeat offenders and the process of recovery as Jessica begins to move forward with the knowledge that Bryce raped her.

It seems Chloe will bring a new dimension to the series. Right now, not much is known about her, but she is confirmed to be the head cheerleader. She’s also described as both the “It girl” and the “mean girl,” but there’s way more to her than first meets the eye, according to her portrayer.

In an interview with POPSUGAR, Winters explained, “I definitely bring something new to this season. I think I represent the blurred lines – in season one it’s very black-and-white of what’s right and wrong – and I think my character explores a very medium line. I’m really happy that I got to portray this character. I think a lot of girls will relate to it. I definitely did.”

Winters also confirmed that Chloe will be in every episode of season two and that her interactions with Bryce, Monty, Zach, and Jessica will be particularly important. That definitely makes it sound like she’s firmly entrenched in the popular crowd, and even though she didn’t play a role in Hannah’s story last season, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s new to this group. Given that season two will also feature the Bakers taking their case against the school board to trial, it’s entirely possible that Chloe is connected to Hannah in some way – even if it’s tangential.

Right now, the only thing that is certain about Chloe is that her role is going to be a major one. Not only is she the only new character in the trailer, but she’s also seen with Bryce, a person whose horrifying actions seem destined to finally catch up with him. Given that Winters says her character is a person who defies easy labels, could she be the one behind the Polaroids? Only time will tell, but when the new season lands on Netflix on May 18, it might be a good idea to keep your eyes on Chloe.

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Of All the Tragedies That Befell the Kennedys, Chappaquiddick Still Remains a Mystery

By | April 6, 2018

Image Source: Everett Collection

Beyond the realm of political circles, Mary Jo Kopechne’s name is largely unknown. In fact, when the world was told about the 28-year-old’s death on July 18, 1969, one wire service simply referred to her as the “Blonde,” according to The Washington Post.

Thanks to the release of Chappaquiddick, Kopechne’s name is once again in the news. The movie is based on the true story surrounding the car accident that left her dead, and Senator Ted Kennedy still very much alive. Screenwriters Taylor Allen and Andrew Logan based the film on the 1,000 page inquest that was released to the public by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court in 1970, but due to the nature of the case, it’s impossible to know exactly how much of what makes it onscreen is the truth, and how much is Hollywood fiction. Kopechne and Kennedy are both dead, and the people closest to them haven’t offered up much in the way of new information in the decades since that fateful accident.

As a result, the details of the day and night leading up to Kopechne’s death remain scarce, but a few things are known. Most notably, the young woman had a knack for politics. She previously worked for Ted’s brother Robert’s campaign, before the presidential hopeful was assassinated in 1968. Kopechne, along with five other women, were known collectively as “the boiler room girls” because they often made phone calls and corralled delegates for Robert’s campaign. After his death, the women mostly went their separate ways, but they did come together at a party hosted by Kennedy cousin Joe Gargan in Chappaquiddick, a small island near Martha’s Vineyard. It was at this party that Kopechne and Ted met.

That fact appears to be the only thing that is certain about that July day. Kennedy was in town to participate in the Edgartown Yacht Club Regatta, and he later joined five other men, including Gargan, and the six women in Chappaquiddick. Later that night, he decided to leave the party, and for unknown reasons, Kopechne went with him. Accounts of the night are muddled, and while there was alcohol at the party, it’s unclear whether or not Kennedy was drunk when he got behind the wheel of his 1967 Oldsmobile Delmont. All that’s known for sure, is that Kennedy and Kopechne ended up driving on a dirt road on the east side of the island when the car went off the side of a bridge (aftermath pictured below). Somehow, Kennedy escaped the car, but Kopechne did not.

Image Source: Getty / Bettmann

Here’s where things get even more confusing. Kennedy later claimed he dived down multiple times in an attempt to save his companion. He also said that he went back to the party and then returned to the scene with Gargan and his friend, Paul Markham, both of whom also allegedly dived into the water to look for Kopechne. When they failed to find the 28-year-old, they drove Kennedy to the ferry, which was the only way off of the island. After discovering that the ferry had stopped running for the night, Kennedy swam back to the mainland, where he returned to his hotel at 2 a.m. and briefly interacted with a hotel employee. At no point during this time did Kennedy, Gargan, or Markham alert the authorities about the accident, and their failure to do so may have cost Kopechne her life. When she was discovered the next morning, examiners said that the position of her body suggested she may have been alive for some time after the crash, and had been attempting to keep her head above the water inside the car.

After returning to his hotel room, Kennedy went to sleep. He was next seen fully dressed and seemingly feeling fine around 7 a.m. the next morning. Meanwhile, back on the island, two fisherman spotted the car and knocked on someone’s door in order to call the authorities around 8:30 a.m. Ultimately, that left Kopechne in the water for a full nine hours. Around 9:30 a.m., Kennedy was told that a body had been found in his car, and shortly afterwards he told the police that he had been behind the wheel when the accident occurred. E! reported that his official statement at the time read:

“On July 18, 1969, at approximately 11:15 p.m . . . I was driving my car on Main Street on my way to get the ferry back to Edgartown. I was unfamiliar with the road and turned right onto Dike Road, instead of bearing hard left on Main Street. After proceeding for approximately one-half mile on Dike Road I descended a hill and came upon a narrow bridge. The car went off the side of the bridge. There was one passenger with me, one Miss Mary – a former secretary of my brother, Sen. Robert Kennedy. The car turned over and sank into the water and landed with the roof resting on the bottom. I attempted to open the door and the window of the car but have no recollection of how I got out of the car. I came to the surface and then repeatedly dove down to the car in an attempt to see if the passenger was still in the car. I was unsuccessful in the attempt. I was exhausted and in a state of shock. I recall walking back to where my friends were eating. There was a car parked in front of the cottage and I climbed into the back seat. I then asked for someone to bring me back to Edgartown.

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The Hands-Down Sexiest Shows on TV in 2018

By | March 30, 2018

If you’re looking to lose yourself in a TV show that generates some serious heat, then you’ve come to the right place. Sexy might just be the watchword for the 2018 television season, because everyone from Netflix to PBS is serving up smoldering goodness. Whether you’re looking for some NSFW hookups set against a sci-fi backdrop or a bit of good, old-fashioned (consensual) bodice-ripping, TV has you covered this year. From swoon-worthy romantic moments to passionate sex scenes you won’t be able to believe made it to the small screen, these are the sexiest shows of 2018.

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These Are the GLOW Season 2 Details You Need to Know

By | March 30, 2018

Netflix’s ’80s-set female wrestling series GLOW was one of 2017’s sleeper hits. The show mixed comedy, drama, and nostalgia with a cast of amazing actors, including Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, Marc Maron, and Sydelle Noel. The result was a creative ode to misfits and Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, a show that was a real-life hit for a while in the ’80s.

Season one ends with a clever cliffhanger: after Brie’s Ruth and Gilpin’s Debbie put aside their differences to give the audience an epic Soviet Russia vs. the US showdown, Tammé (Kia Stevens) steals Debbie’s crown. With the stage for drama set inside the ring and out, here’s what you can expect from GLOW season two when it premieres later this year on Netflix.

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4 Katherine Langford Roles That You Need to See (Including 13 Reasons Why)

By | March 24, 2018

Katherine Langford became a certified star in 2017 thanks to her role as Hannah Baker in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. The demanding role allowed the 22-year-old to show Hollywood just how talented she is, and as a result, she earned a Golden Globe nomination. Hailing from Australia, the actress is still at the beginning of her career and only has a few credits to her name. However, they’re pretty major credits, which likely speaks volumes about what the future holds for her.

While Hannah remains her most famous role to date, Langford has starred in a handful of movies already. There’s no doubt this talented young actress should be on your radar for way more than 13 reasons, but for now, let’s start by focusing on the four excellent reasons it’s clear that Langford’s career is only just getting started. Look back at her most notable roles to date before 13 Reasons Why returns on May 18.

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The New Addition to 13 Reasons Why Is a Teen TV Icon

By | March 23, 2018

Image Source: Getty / Valerie Macon

Netflix’s intense teen series 13 Reasons Why is set to return for season two soon, and believe it or not, the show is adding more characters to its already sprawling cast. One newcomer fans can expect to see this season is Alex’s mom, Carolyn, and she’s played by an actor who knows a thing or two about teen dramas. Dawson’s Creek alum Meredith Monroe is set to star as Carolyn, whom Deadline describes as a hardworking nurse and devoted mother. Given the fact that season one ended with Alex attempting suicide, Carolyn could be in for an emotional year, but Monroe’s résumé has prepared her to handle heavy storylines.

Way back in 1998, Monroe joined the cast of Dawson’s Creek as Andie McPhee, Jack’s overachieving sister. She quickly starts a romance with Pacey, who sands by her side as she goes through a breakdown. Later, Andie heads to Europe to study abroad, but her powerful storyline remained a highlight for the show.

Image Source: Everett Collection

Since then, Monroe has continued to appear in films and on television. She memorably portrayed Hotchner’s wife, Hayley, on Criminal Minds, and her character’s murder was the driving force behind the show’s 100th episode. She also had a recurring role on The CW series Hart of Dixie. On the film side, the 48-year-old had a small role in 2011’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and she appeared in 2016’s critically acclaimed The Edge of Seventeen.

However, Andie remains the character she’s most often associated with, and seeing her go from playing a troubled teen to being the mom of one is sure to be a highlight of 13 Reasons Why‘s second season for longtime fans of the genre. Monroe is sure to share scenes with Mark Pellegrino, who plays Alex’s police officer father. Seeing these two gifted actors take on the challenge of portraying parents who are struggling with their son’s attempted suicide will no doubt be painful, but it could also be a standout story in season two.

One thing is certain: if you know Monroe best as Andie, then you should expect to see a whole new side to her as Carolyn. The former teen star is all grown up now and heading into a 13 Reasons Why storyline that’s sure to make everyone emotional.

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Yes, the Tag Movie Is Really Based on a True Story

By | March 22, 2018

It’s rare to see the famed “based on a true story” line appear in a comedy trailer. Usually, those words are reserved for movies based on harrowing real-life events or as a clever way to draw people into a horror film. However, the upcoming comedy Tag is based on a different kind of true story – one that’s grounded in a long-standing friendship between 10 friends who started playing a game of tag in high school and mostly never stopped.

Tag stars Jeremy Renner, Jake Johnson, Ed Helms, Jon Hamm, Isla Fisher, and Hannibal Buress as a group of friends who have been playing the same game of tag since high school. Renner’s character, Jerry, is ready to retire from the game after managing to avoid ever being “it.” His friends all come together in hopes of finally tagging him, which leads to one crazy month as everyone bands together to tag their untaggable pal. The trailer includes lots of fun moments that feel like Hollywood embellishments – like Hamm’s character tagging one of his friends while his wife is giving birth – but make no mistake, the real people who inspired the film have gone to some serious extremes to tag each other.

In 2013, The Wall Street Journal ran a story about a man named Brian Dennehy and his nine friends who loved to play tag on the campus of their high school. One of his friends, Joe Tombari, was almost “it” for life when he failed to tag someone on his last day of high school in 1982. For a while, that was indeed the end of the game for the group as they went their separate ways in life, but a reunion roughly eight years later led to the game starting up once more – this time with a contract.

Patrick Schultheis, who was a first-year lawyer at the time, drafted the Tag Participation Agreement. The primary rule is that each year the game runs for the entire month of February, and whoever is “it” at the end of the month holds the title until the following year. There are no geographic restrictions to the game, which leads to intricate plans being plotted and lots of frequent-flyer miles being used.

Sean Raftis once flew all the way to Seattle in order to tag Tombari by curling up in the trunk of a car and springing out at him unexpectedly. His plan worked – but his friend’s wife ended up being a casualty when she tripped off of the sidewalk from the fright. “My wife was so startled she fell and injured her knee, but she wasn’t angry; she was pleased to see Sean,” Tombari told The Guardian. “All our partners are good-natured about the game – they even get involved in the sting operations.”

One scene in the trailer that moviegoers may suspect is fabricated is very much based on real life. Yes, one of the guys tagged someone at their father’s funeral, and according to Tombari, it remains one of the game’s most memorable moments. He explained to The Guardian, “Perhaps one of the most unexpected tags was during Mike’s father’s funeral. During the service, he felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to find Joe mouthing, ‘You’re it.’ Afterwards, he said his father would have approved, because he found our game hilarious.”

While it may seem strange to think of a group of middle-aged men keeping one game of tag going for more than two decades, at the heart of their commitment is a dedication to keeping their close bond alive. Now that they’ve spread out across the country, gotten married, started careers, and had kids, seeing each other isn’t as easy as it once was, but for one month out of the year, they never know when an old friend might pop out of a bush to surprise them – literally.

As Tombari said in his interview,

“The best thing about the game is that it has kept us in touch over all these years – it forces us to meet and has formed a strong bond between us, almost like brothers. How many [40-somethings] can say they still see nine friends they went to school with? We joke that we’ll still be playing in our retirement homes. I plan to use a wheelchair instead of a Zimmer frame, because it’s faster.”

If the movie can capture the heart of the friendship that exists between its real-life inspirations, then Tag could become one of the Summer’s sweetest and most hilarious films.

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These Ozark Season 2 Details Will Make You Miss the Byrde Family Even More

By | March 9, 2018

Ozark was the surprise hit of last Summer. The Netflix series follows the Byrde family, a seemingly normal, middle-class brood whose lives get a whole lot more interesting (and scary) when Jason Bateman’s Marty uproots his wife and kids, moving from Chicago to the Ozarks, when he becomes involved in a money-laundering scheme. Part Breaking Bad, part family drama, Ozark was a dark treat, and fans of the Byrde family are ready for more. Unfortunately, Netflix hasn’t released many details about the new season just yet, but here’s everything we know about Ozark season two so far – because you’ve been patiently waiting for this crime drama to return long enough.

The Premiere Date

Netflix has yet to reveal when Ozark‘s second season will premiere. However, the streaming giant confirmed the news that season two was happening way back in August. It has also been confirmed that filming for season two is currently underway, so the show appears to be on track for a 2018 premiere.

Who’s Returning?

The entire main cast – at least the ones that were alive at the end of season one – is set to return. That includes Bateman, Laura Linney, Sofia Hublitz, and Skylar Gaertner. Also returning are the actors that play the Snell family and the remaining members of the Langmore family, so fans can expect plenty of clashes between the different clans to come.

What’s Season Two About?

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Bateman offered this enticing tease for what’s ahead for Marty and the rest of the family:

“Hopefully, it’s a good escalation of everything as far as danger, the business challenges and – domestically – our relationship. Where we leave things, we have $50 million to deal with instead of $8 million. We’ve got a relationship with the Snells that we need to deliver on and a three-way marriage with the heroin coming in from the Mexican cartel, the possibility of a casino helping out with the laundering. One of the things that I’m really interested in is that the kids are aware of what Mom and Dad are doing. It sort of disintegrates that idyllic parental model that a kid deserves to have, that inherent position of deference. And now we have more of a peer relationship with our kids and that’s going to be a challenge.”

Additionally, there are likely new members of the cartel, as well as other nefarious types set to enter the mix. With Del dead and out of the picture, a new envoy could be on the way. In fact, the only new actor added to the cast so far is Janet McTeer, and according to Netflix, she’s set to play a “Chicago-based attorney with links to the cartel” and “a potential threat to the Byrdes.” There’s definitely no peace ahead for the Byrde family in season two. If anything, the drama is just going to get more intense, and not just in terms of new threats.

Bateman has made it clear that the show isn’t interested in following in the footsteps of Breaking Bad by turning Marty into a master criminal. Instead, Ozark wants to be a show that is at its heart about families and how they interact. Head writer Chris Mundy told Thrillist:

“We never wanted to be on a path of the hardening of a heart, which Breaking Bad was – partly because they already did it, but partly because that’s not our path. As it’s about the Byrde family, the show is also about the Langmore family and how they mirror each other in certain ways. The Snells are now going to come into it too. It’s really about families more than it’s about any one person’s path.”

It all sounds just as addictive as season one, right? Now, if only Netflix would offer up that long-awaited release date so that we can block out a weekend for our Ozark season two binge.

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14 of the Sexiest Movies Streaming on Amazon Prime Right Now

By | February 28, 2018

Everyone deserves to spend an evening decompressing with a steamy movie every now and then. Whether the film doubles as a tearjerker or a thriller, there’s nothing like a little bit of cinematic romance to get you through the workweek (or the weekend). Netflix may be your go-to streaming service to fulfill all of your movie needs, but it’s time to make your Amazon Prime account work for you. From the exquisite heartbreak of Me Before You to the fraught romantic entanglements of The Choice, these are the sexiest movies on Amazon Prime. Go ahead and round up the chocolate now, because it’s definitely time for a movie night.

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26 TV Shows You Can Watch on Netflix With Badass Women Front and Center

By | February 28, 2018

Few things in life are quite as satisfying as settling down for a nice, long TV binge. Streaming has made having a TV marathon easier than ever before, and if you’re going to have a marathon, then why not choose a show with a strong female lead at its center? Thankfully, Netflix has plenty of shows that tell the stories of complicated, diverse women who are strong in a myriad of ways. Are you looking for some traditional butt kicking? Jessica Jones has you covered. Want to watch an optimistic female politician get stuff done? Then it’s time to stop putting off watching Parks and Recreation. Are you enthralled by tough-as-nails female antiheroes? Why hello there, Nurse Jackie.

As a genre, it took TV a little while to fully understand that shows about strong women can mean many different things, but the medium is getting so much better at producing series that allow women to be just as multifaceted as their male counterparts (in fact, they’re more so in some cases). With so many series to choose from, you’ve surely missed out on a few of TV’s best female-led shows. Thanks to the wonders of Netflix, it is never too late (or too early) to jump into a show with a strong female lead, so pour yourself a glass of wine and start popping the popcorn, because these fictional women are ready to wow you.

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Every Royal Engagement and Wedding to Fuss Over in 2018

By | February 23, 2018

Royal wedding fever is running high as the May nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle approach. The adorable couple haven’t just captured the imaginations of the people of Britain, they’ve charmed the rest of the world as well. However, they’re not the only royal couple with a big day coming up in 2018 (and beyond). It can be all too easy to forget that there are royal families around the world. While the British royals are certainly the most recognizable, their regal counterparts from across the globe lead fascinating lives too, and if you love all things royal, then it’s time to pay attention to all of the royal couples the world has to offer.

From engagements to upcoming nuptials, these are all of the royals who are preparing to say “I do.”

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Who Is Sofia Carson? Meet the Newest Pretty Little Liar

By | February 6, 2018

The wait for news about Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists is finally over. In addition to original cast members Janel Parrish and Sasha Pieterse, Disney favorite Sofia Carson is joining the cast as Ava, a fashion-loving blogger with serious coding skills. Before she becomes your new favorite pretty little liar, you need to know exactly who Sofia is, because this multitalented star has been on the rise for quite some time.

Born on April 10, 1993, Sofia is a 24-year-old actress and singer whose biggest role to date is in Disney’s monster hit The Descendants. Sofia stars as Evie in the franchise, the daughter of the Evil Queen, and she’s probably your niece’s favorite character. Her Disney roots run deeper than just her role in The Descendants, though. Sofia’s first-ever credited TV role is a guest appearance in Austin & Ally. From there, she moved on to a role in the Disney Channel original movie Adventures in Babysitting, which costarred Sofia’s close pal Sabrina Carpenter.

A post shared by Sofia Carson (@sofiacarson) on

When she’s not totally owning her Disney Channel roles, Sofia is busy singing her heart out. In 2016, the Descendants star signed a joint record deal with Republic and Hollywood Records and released her pop single “Love Is the Name.” (It has a cool 98 million views on YouTube.) Sofia also contributed a song to her direct-to-DVD follow-up to A Cinderella Story, A Cinderella Story: If the Shoe Fits.

There’s no denying that Sofia’s young career was already off to a monster start before she landed a role on Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists. She made her Oscars red carpet debut in 2017 when she cohosted the All Access Facebook live stream with Ben Lyons, and the star performed in the 2015 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. With so much going on in her career at such a young age, you would think Sofia only has time for work. However, that’s so not the case.

Right before her career took off in a major way, Sofia was studying at UCLA where she pursued a bachelor’s degree in communications with a minor in French. It’s also clear from her social media pages that Sofia knows how to balance work and play. When she’s not busy starring in the new Pretty Little Liars spinoff and Freeform’s Famous in Love, Sofia is busy hanging with her friends like Sabrina and Descendants costar Dove Cameron.

More than anything else right now, she’s just psyched to be making her dream of being part of her favorite television universe come true. After news about The Perfectionists broke, Sofia told Entertainment Tonight:

“I told [Marlene King] that I was just the biggest – the biggest – fan of Pretty Little Liars. I was obsessed with it – as so many of us were. It was such a phenomenon, so to be part of that legacy is truly an honor.

And when I found out [that I got the role], Marlene called me last Monday and she was like, ‘Guess what? You’re my new pretty little liar,’ and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh! That is the coolest thing!’ I will never ever get used to hearing that – ever.”

Given how much Sofia has already accomplished, don’t be surprised if her status as a pretty little liar makes this actress a household name in no time.

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What You Need to Know About Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

By | December 19, 2017

One movie with a strange title has emerged as one of the top Oscar contenders: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. The dramatic comedy starring Frances McDormand nabbed six Golden Globe nominations on Dec. 11, and that’s in addition to the movie’s nods from the Screen Actors Guild, the British Independent Film Awards, and the AFI Awards. Over the course of award season, Martin McDonagh’s controversial film has won many of those awards – including multiple best actress and best supporting actor trophies for McDormand and Sam Rockwell, respectively – but what is Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri about? That seemingly innocent title is your introduction to a story about the searing power of a mother’s rage let loose on small-town America.

McDormand’s Mildred is a woman fueled by anger and grief. Seven months prior to the events in the movie, Mildred’s daughter, Angela, was raped and brutally murdered. The police have yet to find the person responsible, and Mildred takes matters into her own hands by renting out three billboards that force the town to confront her pain every single time they enter Ebbing. Without giving too much away, here’s what you need to know about the hottest award season movie of the year.

What Do the Billboards Say?

Three derelict billboards sit on the edge of the town of Ebbing at the start of the film. They become Mildred’s inspiration to keep her daughter’s death in the mind of the police and her neighbors. In order, the billboards say: “Still No Arrests?” “How Come, Chief Willoughby?” “Raped While Dying.”

As soon as the billboards go up, they begin drawing attention not only from the people in town, but from the local media, as well. And the people of Ebbing are not happy about the stir that Mildred is causing.

Is It a True Story?

While the film’s subject matter sadly feels like it could be ripped from the headlines, Three Billboards is thankfully the stuff of fiction. Moviegoers also shouldn’t head to the theater expecting to see a true-crime-style mystery. Despite its heavy subject matter, Three Billboards has a comedic edge. As the trailer illustrates, Mildred is a ball of fury that can’t be contained. At one point, she attacks the town dentist.

This is a movie that defies categorization – which is exactly what you would expect from writer/director McDonagh. The man behind In Bruges and Seven Psychopaths is known for eschewing genre expectations, and he does it again with Three Billboards. Despite a crime being the catalyst for the story, it’s not the point. This is very much a character-driven film about violence, grief, and forgiveness that’s far more concerned with helping its leading lady move forward than it is in actually solving the crime at its center.

Who Else Is in Three Billboards?

McDormand is the movie’s searing heart and soul, but the film isn’t a one-woman show. Woody Harrelson stars as Chief Willoughby, the police officer who cares far more about finding Angela’s killer than Mildred will let herself admit, and Rockwell has a starring role as a racist cop who undergoes a surprising transformation. Game of Thrones fans will be happy to know that Peter Dinklage appears as well.

If you’re ready to see why critics can’t stop praising this unwieldy titled movie, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is in theaters now.

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6 Things You Need to Know About The Room Director Tommy Wiseau

By | December 2, 2017

Cult classic The Room is considered by its fans to be the best bad movie of all time, but while the film leaves no bizarre stone unturned, the film’s director is cloaked in mystery. And that’s exactly the way he wants it. Who is Tommy Wiseau? The Room‘s director is an enigma wrapped in colorful vests and statement sunglasses. In interviews, Wiseau purposefully dodges personal questions or offers only the vaguest of answers. He wants the focus to be on his work, The Room – the making of which is the basis for James Franco‘s new film The Disaster Artist.

Despite Wiseau’s attempts to keep everything a secret, from his country of origin to how he ponied up $6 million to fund his pet project, a few details about the director’s life have been revealed. The answers available are thanks in large part to documentarian Rick Harper. Harper went looking for Wiseau’s origins in his documentary Room Full of Spoons, named for The Room‘s use of stock photos of spoons as artwork. While the documentary and the making of The Room book by Wiseau’s friend Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell on which The Disaster Artist is based offer up a few answers, it seems like Wiseau will always be a man as mysterious as the strangely addictive film he starred in, wrote, produced, and directed – but that shouldn’t stop his fans from searching for answers.

Here is everything you need to know about Wiseau before you watch Franco’s The Disaster Artist.

1. His country of origin is Poland. Probably.

Wiseau has been secretive about even the tiniest details of his backstory, but Harper discovered that the director is from the small town of Poznań in Poland. While it’s unclear why he’s been so protective of the information, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Harper suggests that it may have something to do with Wiseau’s love for America. It seems that he first came to the country in 1968 and fully embraced the idea of the American dream.

In 2012, Wiseau told Gawker writer Rich Juzwiak that at one point, he lived in New Orleans with his aunt and uncle, but the only thing he would tell Juzwiak about his relatives is that his aunt “was like a church-oriented person.”

2. The source of Wiseau’s wealth remains a closely guarded secret.

Despite looking like a low-budget movie filmed in someone’s garage, The Room reportedly cost Wiseau $6 million to make. As for where that money came from, there are plenty of theories and no solid answers. In 2008, Wiseau offered Entertainment Weekly one explanation, saying, “We import from Korea the leather jackets that we design here in America. If you work, you have to save money, right? I didn’t get money from the sky. I was preparing, let’s put it this way.”

So, was Wiseau really in the import/export business? Maybe. Harper believes that the director is a shrewd businessman with an eye for marketing. Between the many midnight screenings of The Room and his merchandising efforts (which includes a line of unisex underwear), Wiseau’s wealth seems to be growing.

3. People are obsessed with Wiseau.

The man has a line of unisex underwear. That alone would make him a figure of interest, but it’s the director’s almost unearthly persona that people appear to be drawn to. The Room isn’t simply a bad movie. It’s a hypnotic mess seemingly inspired in part by Wiseau’s love for playwright Tennessee Williams, director Orson Welles, and the actor James Dean. He told EW of Williams’s and Welles’s work, “You can relate to it. You see all this emotion. That’s why we are on the same page.”

Indeed, Wiseau has crafted an eccentric persona for himself. He often teases his fans at screenings by suggesting that he’s a vampire. His long hair and penchant for rocking vests and dark sunglasses are all part of his trademark style, as is his almost stream-of-consciousness way of speaking.

4. The Room isn’t his only credit.

While The Room is a cinematic gift that will never stop giving (especially when it comes to Wiseau’s bank account), it’s not the director’s only project. Since The Room became a cult phenomenon, Wiseau created and starred in the Hulu series The Neighbors and scored a leading role in the 2017 film Best F(r)iends.

5. Wiseau wants to protect his mysterious image at all costs.

Although he initially signed off on Harper’s Room Full of Spoons, he ultimately pulled his support of the film and filed an injunction claiming that the movie “mocks, derides and disparages him.” Earlier this month, his injunction was overturned by the Ontario Superior Court, but not before Wiseau made a series of YouTube rants about Harper that culminates in a downright epic digital explosion of the documentary’s poster.

6. The Disaster Artist has Wiseau’s stamp of approval.

Given his reaction to Room Full of Spoons, you would be forgiven for suspecting Wiseau would also disapprove of The Disaster Artist. Surprisingly, Wiseau is not only a fan, but he also has a small role in the film. Wiseau even reviewed the film for The LA Times, where he tells Franco that he approves of “99 percent”

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The Insane True Story Behind The Room, the Best Bad Movie Ever

By | November 30, 2017

The Room‘s Tommy Wiseau, left, and Greg Sestero with Hollywood producer Katherine Kramer in 2004.

In 2003, a true contender for the greatest bad movie of all time premiered in Los Angeles. That movie was The Room, directed by Tommy Wiseau, a man with a thick Eastern European accent who insists he’s from New Orleans on the rare occasions he’s willing to talk about his life. He’s also the man who wrote, produced, and starred in the masterpiece of awfulness. The making of The Room is a story that’s almost as bizarre as the movie itself, but it’s one that inspired James Franco to immortalize the film in his new movie The Disaster Artist, based on the book of the same name by Wiseau’s friend and The Room costar Greg Sestero.

There’s no better place to begin than with the film’s plot, even though explaining it is almost impossible. It all boils down to a love triangle between Johnny (Wiseau); his girlfriend, Lisa (Juliette Danielle); and his best friend, Mark (Sestero). Just know that there’s much, much more going on, and very little of it makes sense. Perhaps that’s because the film reportedly began life as a 600-page novel that Wiseau hoped to turn into a play before he decided that not enough Americans watched plays anymore. At that point, Wiseau realized that The Room needed to be a movie, and he enlisted his friend and former acting classmate, Sestero, to help him make it happen.

Sestero would not only be Wiseau’s costar, but he was also perhaps the only person on the set who could talk to Wiseau as the auteur began his journey toward making his infamous masterpiece. Wiseau funded The Room himself, but the answer as to where he got $6 million for his pet project remains a mystery. In a 2008 interview with Entertainment Weekly, Wiseau said the money came from his Korean leather jacket export business. His claim has never been verified.

However he came about the money, Wiseau had more than enough to pour into The Room. In Sestero’s book, the actor writes that Wiseau was determined to film the movie with two different cameras – one a 35mm and the other HD. Sestero writes:

Probably the most wasteful and pointless aspect of The Room’s production was Tommy’s decision to simultaneously shoot his movie with both a 35mm film camera and a high-definition (HD) camera. In 2002, an HD and 35mm film camera cost around $250,000 combined; the lenses ran from $20,000 to $40,000 apiece. And, of course, you had to hire an entirely different crew to operate this stuff. Tommy had a mount constructed that was able to accommodate both the 35mm camera and HD camera at the same time, meaning Tommy needed two different crews and two different lighting systems on set at all times.

This was only the beginning of Wiseau’s eccentricities. The Disaster Artist goes on to detail the director’s many pet peeves, which included anyone daring to speak any language other than English, farting on set, and people leaving the set while shooting. In fact, Wiseau wanted all of the actors to be on set even when they weren’t shooting their scenes in case he decided to add them into the background at the last minute. Even the film’s long and uncomfortable sex scene was filmed in front of everyone, foregoing the Hollywood tradition of having a closed set for intimate scenes.

Now that the film has gained a cult following, Wiseau seems to have embraced The Room‘s description as a dark comedy, but according to the cast, he was always serious about it being a drama. In 2008, Wiseau told Entertainment Weekly that two of his biggest inspirations are Tennessee Williams and Orson Welles, and the movie reflects his claims in the most hilarious way possible. He went into each one of his scenes with a seriousness that the cast didn’t always share.

Sestero admits in his book that he phoned in much of his performance, and Danielle claims that during the filming of a scene where Wiseau’s Tommy says “In a few minutes, b*tch,” no one on set could contain their laughter. Wiseau wasn’t amused and demanded to know what was so funny. To get around Wiseau’s rule, the director of photography reportedly had an outdoor tent that he would use when he had no choice but to laugh at the increasingly strange film.

Ultimately, it took six months to shoot The Room, and during that time, the production cycled through two crews. Famously, Kyle Vogt, one of the film’s actors, had to leave before the film was finished due to a prior acting commitment, and Wiseau simply included an entirely new, never-before-seen character in the final scene of the movie and gave him all of the lines intended for Vogt’s character, Peter, with no explanation.

Still, as hard as it is to believe, The Room could have been much worse. Much of the script was unusable. A script supervisor cut multiple monologues and lines of dialogue that were too nonsensical to make it into the final film even by The Room‘s standards. It’s also rumored that Wiseau wanted to include a subplot that revealed Johnny was a vampire, but the budget couldn’t be stretched to include the technology needed to give the character a flying car.

Despite the many, many obstacles standing in the way of The Room becoming a hit,

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10 Women-Centric Westerns That Godless Fans Will Love

By | November 29, 2017

The Western genre hasn’t always been kind to women. In the dusty world of the Wild West, gunslingers like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood commanded the screen for decades. However, Netflix’s women-centric miniseries Godless is proof that women can lead Westerns with just as much confidence and swagger as the men who established the genre. Thanks to layered performances from Michelle Dockery and Merritt Wever, Godless‘s mining town, ran by women, is a place full of grit, gumption, and a healthy dose of feminism. In this landscape, women rule and men are outsiders even though they’re moving through a world that has long served as their big-screen home.

With just seven episodes, Godless‘s only fault is that there’s just not enough of it. Thankfully, it’s not the only women-led Western out there. Women don’t often take center stage in stories about the American West, but when they do, they tend to shine. Once you finish Godless, these 10 women-centric Western movies and TV shows will be there waiting for you like that first sip of water to quench your thirst after a long ride through the desert.

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All the New Shows, Specials, and Movies Airing on Thanksgiving Day

By | November 17, 2017

Thanksgiving is a serious contender for the best holiday for two important reasons: delicious food and excellent TV. (OK, hanging out with your loved ones is pretty awesome too.) Thanksgiving TV is a treat that’s almost on par with pumpkin pie, and the 2017 Thanksgiving Day lineup is no exception. After you’ve devoured the turkey and cranberries, you and your family can gather around the TV for football, Christmas classics, and, of course, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Once you’ve polished off your meal on Nov. 23, these Thanksgiving specials, shows, and movies will be ready to keep you and the rest of your family occupied . . . until everyone’s ready for seconds.


9:00 a.m. – Thanksgiving Day Parade

4:30 p.m. – Chargers vs. Cowboys

8:30 p.m. – Young Sheldon (new)

9:00 p.m. – Mom (new)

9:30 p.m. – Life in Pieces (new)

The CW

8:00 p.m.-Supernatural (new)

9:00 p.m. – Arrow (new)


12:30 p.m. – Vikings vs. Lions


9:00 a.m. – Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

12:00 p.m. – The National Dog Show

8:30 p.m. – Redskins vs. Giants


8:00 p.m. – Anne of Green Gables: The Good Stars


11:30 a.m. – National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

1:35 p.m. – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

4:10 p.m. – Home Alone

6:40 p.m. – Elf

Hallmark Channel

8:00 a.m. – Ice Sculpture Christmas

10:00 a.m. – A Bride for Christmas

12:00 p.m. – Miss Christmas

2:00 p.m. – Love You Like Christmas

4:00 p.m. – Christmas List

6:00 p.m. – The Sweetest Christmas

8:00 p.m. – The Mistletoe Inn

10:00 p.m. – A Gift to Remember


8:00 a.m.- Christmas on the Bayou

10:00 a.m.- Heaven Sent

12:00 p.m.- A Christmas Wedding Date

2:00 p.m. – All I Want For Christmas

4:00 p.m. – The Christmas Gift

6:00 p.m. – Dear Santa

8:00 p.m. – Christmas With the Kranks

10:00 p.m. – The Fight Before Christmas


1:00 p.m. – Friends, “The One Where Underdog Gets Away”

1:30 p.m. – Friends, “The One With the List”

2:00 p.m. – Friends, “The One With the Football

2:30 p.m. – Friends, “The One With Chandler in a Box”

3:00 p.m. – Friends, “The One With All the Thanksgivings”

3:30 p.m. – Friends, “The One Where Ross Got High”

4:00 p.m. – Friends, “The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs”

4:30 p.m. – Friends, “The One With the Rumor”

5:00 p.m. – Friends, “The One With Rachel’s Other Sister”

5:30 p.m. – Friends, “The One With the Late Thanksgiving”

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